A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Juan likes to surf. Why don't people make more games about sports? Surfing is a sport, right? Well this is the story of a guy who likes to surf and drink orange soda while avoiding sharks. It's pretty deep.

Not much yet to this "game." Mainly this is just something I slapped together for demo day. So far there is only one trick which is hangtime.

Real game I've been spending my time on isn't ready to show. In the thread I'm the guy who is always talking about verlet cloth physics. Oh and if you can figure out why it's named Wonder Surf then pat yourself on the back.

Install instructions

Mouse control only. Minimum resolution 1280x720.

Reuploaded as a zip because apparently ever everyone's browser and OS freaks out when it comes to downloading exes. But an exe in a zip? A-okay.

Fixed the shark collisions. Added Mac support.


WonderSurf.zip 4 MB
WonderSurf.app.zip 4 MB
WonderSurf.linx.zip 3 MB